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Registration $25.00 (USD)  

Bonsai Planting & Care Class  9am-11:30 $25 * Level:  Beginning

In this class you will learn to find a style in a bushy tree. Watch the tree take form by pruning out and wiring branches. Learn how to cut off roots and remove soil and re-pot it into your own custom made pot. This class is for current members and students. To participate you must bring a pre-made pot ready to use (see specific instructions below). A Portulacaria Bonsai tree, wire (to shape branches) and soil will be provided

Instr: Bryan Lorenzen

Special Notes:

  • All participants must wear a mask and keep 6′ between one another
  • ONLY For current students and members. Must make your planter on your own and bring to class completed.
  • Pre-make a pot and have it glaze fired and ready several days before the class begins.
  • Make it from 7″-8” in diameter and just 2″ – 2.5” high on the inside.  Put one large hole in the center about 1.5” and 4 small holes around it just 1/8’ in diameter.  Glaze it in earthy colors with as little gloss as possible. Put some small feet on it and make a saucer for it if you want.




  • Bonsai
    December 12, 2020
    9:00 am - 11:30 am