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Employment Opportunities


Want to become part of our creative team?

Become an Instructor, Aide, Studio Technician, Social Media/ Promotions Manager

Our staff is made up of a diverse group, some with extensive training/ experience, some with art, education, business or marketing degrees. No matter their background or job description each one has the drive to make Cream City Clay a great place to work and learn.

Position Descriptions:

Pottery Instructor for Hand Building or Wheel

Teaching all levels, ages 13-Adult

Description: Teach 12 students to throw on the potter’s wheel. Include instruction on centering, wedging, cylinders, bowls, handles, trimming, drying, firing and glazing. Additional skills the instructor may choose to include are slip design, carving, mishmia, underglaze decoration, faceting, alteration, or stamping. Instructors are not asked to fire kilns or mix glazes. Class is 2.5 hours and the instructor will be paid for 3.5 hours per class. Instructors are asked to be prepared for class 30 minutes prior to the start of class.  

Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in ceramic arts or 4+ years of experience as a potter. 2 years teaching or equivalent experience preferred.

Patients and ability to encourage new students. Strong throwing skills are required. Demonstrated mastery of ceramics processes including; ability to throw or hand build various large and small forms on the potter’s wheel or through coil and slab methods, understanding proper construction, applying proper attachments, and careful drying methods to minimize loss of student work. Show understanding of firing processes and temperatures. Patients and willingness to teach a diverse group of adults and teens with varying abilities.

Typical Duties and Expectations: Provide a detailed outline or syllabus for the course. Meet with the manager to discuss plans for the class including dates, times, any material or supply needs, access to projectors, support for kiln firings. Responsible for management of student work on class shelves and communication with students to see if they need extra help or extra help if they miss a critical class, for example, glazing. Sends emails to students to promote further learning and to follow up with a student  if they miss class.

Days & Times Needed: Daytimes, evenings and weekends.  1-2 times per week or more depending on your availability. 


Summer Camp Instructor

Description: Teach Summer Camps that run multiple weeks from June-August. Each camp is Mon – Thurs,  4 consecutive days and is 2 hours long. Morning Clay Camp is 10 – Noon, a lunch break in between and Art in the Afternoon 1-3pm.  The afternoon class will be a non/clay art class that will include fiber, paints, sculpture, and tye dye Instructors will meet to collaborate on themes and decide what will be offered for each week of camp. 

Requirements: Experience teaching children ages 6-14. Bachelors in art education, 3+ years of experience hand building ceramics . Ability to adapt lessons to meet the needs of children of various abilities including physical limitations, ADHD, Autism.  Must be able to lead and manage a classroom of 12- 24.  (1 teacher/ 12 students) Some teachers choose to team teach the group as a whole. Patients, a cooperative mindset, and ability to self direct is needed. Must have reliable transportation. Background check required. 

Typical Duties and Expectations: Lead a group of children ages 6-14 in an exciting week long clay camp. Provide lesson plans that outline what will be taught each day and what materials will be needed. During the camp you will be responsible for; recording the items and who made them, having students label their work, making sure projects are constructed as to not fall apart or explode, drying items and getting them ready to load into the kiln. (There may be some kiln loading) After projects are fired, teachers will bag up student work for them to pick up around 3 weeks after class ends. 

Days & Times Needed: 4 consecutive days 9:00 am – 4pm (May be needed for 1 or multiple)

Note: If a class fails to fill, there will be no class to teach  (No classes are guaranteed to run)


*Summer Camp Aid

Description: Aids the instructors of the camp. Helps students one on one who require extra attention. 

Requirements: Experience with making clay objects by hand. Previous clay camp, class or equivalent experience required. Must be able to listen to and follow instructors directions so they can help others. Willing to talk to and interact with new people and share ideas.  Letter of recommendation from classroom teacher required. 

*This is a volunteer position that provides 12 volunteer hours with access to create your own independent ceramic work. 

Typical Duties: Participate in the activities of the class while helping the instructor. Set up and take down classroom materials, working one on one with students needing extra help. Running to get items on the first floor. Help organize supplies. Light cleaning

Dates and Times: 1 camp is 4 days, Clay Camp Mon- thurs 9:30am-12:30 or  Art Afternoons Mon – Thurs 12:30- 3:30. 8 weeks to apply for 


Studio Operations Assistant/ Studio Clerk

Description: Assist the Studio Manager, Liz in operating the studio. Phones, kilns, clay reclaim, daily maintenance, glaze mixing, sorting/bagging student work for pickup and notifying them. 

Requirements:  Must have excellent communication skills, be friendly and personable, willing to talk with customers in person and on the phone. Ability to lift 50 lbs, bend/crouch, go up and down stairs carrying items. Computer skills necessary. Typing, word, excel, google docs etc. Ability to follow directions needed to safely use and maintain equipment. Previous retail or restaurant/cooking experience is a plus as it relates to glaze mixing. Ability to carefully handle delicate objects (moving,and packing pottery). Self starter and ability to work independently. 16+ with reliable transportation.

Duties and Expectations: Answer phones and welcome new people into the studio. Will need strong knowledge of studio operations and studio offerings to answer questions. This position will include cleaning tasks, sweeping, dusting and laundry, sorting and organizing pottery tools. You may be trained to load or unload a kiln. You may be trained to mix glaze. 

Days & Times Needed: Wednesdays, Thursdays 4-9pm  and Saturdays 10-3


Social Media/Promotions Manager

Description: Promote the studio, gallery, classes and events on various social media platforms, websites, and calendars through photos and video as well as through print in the form of designing posters and flyers.Interact with teachers and staff to get the content needed to fully promote the studio. 

Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Art, Graphic Design Photography or related field preferred. Experience creating online content that is consistent with a particular brand and message is a must. Ability to create content through taking photos and video.  Looking for someone with excellent communication skills, who shows attention to detail, has the ability to work independently, who is self directed after understanding what is needed, has strong knowledge of social media resources and is able to work with a team to express our brand, values and mission as a business. 

Duties and Expectations: Promote the various products and events offered at Cream City Clay. including classes, gallery items, memberships and special events. Work with Colleen and Lila to plan specific items to promote and post to Instagram and Facebook 3 times a week. Photograph items for the website for online gallery sales. Take and edit video for reels and schedule to post social media. Look at feedback and plan new strategies to increase engagement. Keep current and abide by FB and IG rules and copyright laws to maintain excellent standing with online platforms.

Days & Times Needed: 4 – 6 hours per week Mon, Tue, Thurs, Sat. Maybe more time if needed for special events. This position may be paired with a clerking or studio operations position if interested in additional hours.