Spring II classes

April 21, 2023

Join us this spring for wheel, hand building classes and Raku classes.  

Wheel I classes are offered Thursday AM  and Wednesday PM where we’ll instruct you in the basics of throwing on a potter’s wheel in a fun and friendly atmosphere.  Classes are 7 weeks long for $235 for 2 1/2 hours.

Wheel 1.5 class is offered Wednesday AM where we’ll expand on the techniques that you learned in Wheel I. Classes are 7 weeks long for $235 for 2 1/2 hours.

Wheel II classes are offered on Monday PM, Tuesday AM, Wednesday PM(afternoon) and Thursday PM  for $235 for 2 1/2 hours.  In the Wheel II class, you’ll learn lids, handles, plates and more.  Create lighter refined shapes, throw larger and learn new surface techniques.

Hand Building 1.5 will be on Tuesday AM for 6 weeks for $199  Learn the basics of creating clay objects by hand using the methods of  coil constuvctions, soft and hard slab and the most basic of pinch.  You will learn how to use the slab roller extruder, slump, hump and spring molds and other arious tools to give your pottery texture s and diverse interesting structure.  $207   No class May 9. 

Faces, Figures and Fauna  on Wednesday PM for 6 weeks for $174*.  Learn to scupt human or animal facial features and figures.  Begn with the bone structure, add muscles and finish with a life-life surface.  Using an armature you will learn to sketch a 3D form with clay.  Create something life-like or fantastical.  You will have 4 weeks to sculpt. Then your piece will need 3 weeks to dry slowly and when completey dry it can fied in the kiln.  In the 5th and final class on June 21 you will learn finshing techiques.

Carving with June – Join us for this fantastic opportunity to learn from master potter, June Vaughn, who specializes in carving and decorative paiting techniques. In this  4 hour workshop JUne will demonstrate her techniques to desgin carve and imbed stones and found objects into clay.  Sun, May 7 – 9:30 -2:30 $75.  There wukk be a break for lunch  so bring a bag lunch or Su +2 is a popular lunch places across the street from us.

Raku Workshop  – Bring yoiur ideas and creativity! Make wall art, files, animal sculpture, figures, planters, decoative vases, bottles, boxes, dishes, or candle holders.  Those with experience may work independelty and those that are new to clay will be taught soft slab contrcution and the pinch mehtod to create their pieces, Raku pottery is for decorative purpose only.  It will not hold water and is not food safe.  Non-member $172,  Member $154, Firing only $70.  April 26, 29, May 13 and Firing day either May 20 or 21st.

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