Stan Segalle March Member of the Month

March 13, 2020

Stan grew up in Sheboygan and took art in school.  At 18 he served in the army during the Vietnam War and  came back with many – war related problems.  To help deal with them Stan turned to drugs and alcohol. 

At 50 Stan stopped the abusive behavior.  Work helped him get through this period.  When he retired at age 62, a friend introduced Stan to pottery.

Pottery has helped him heal from within.  Pottery makes me feel good and not as crazy.

While he can throw on a wheel, Stan was not inspired throwing mugs and bowls but had become intrigued with sculpting.

Sculpting horses came from a long time love of the animal and riding them in my youth.   Stan is challenged by sculpting and through sculpting, de feels that he is building with his fingers.  Stan sculpts the movement and strength of the animal through his fingers.  Textures and colors also emphasize the beauty of the animal and the splendor of the creature.  His newest sculptures are of the magnificent lion in all its majesty as well as bald eagle in all it’s glory.

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